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Green 30

Non Wireless Hunting Camera
30MP Resolution (18MP / 8MP / 5MP / 2MP)
1080P Video with Audio
3 Selectable Modes: Photo, Video & picture +video
0.22 Trigger Speed
Adjustable Hi-Power Invisible Black Flash (940nm)
Flash Range Up to 15m
2.4” Color LCD display
Diagonal Field of View (FOV) 58°
Color Pictures by Day, Black and White by Night
Photo Burst 1-10


UOVision Technology (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.

Ask any hunter who makes the best game/ hunting/wireless cameras and chances are you’ll hear the name UOVISION which maintains the hallmark that defines them: quality and userfriendly experiences.

UOVISION is a mature company with main products in the hunting and wireless camera, which was co-founded in 2011 by two Ph.D.s (Dr. Jens Li got his Ph.D. degree in Germany after his bachelor’s degree in Tsinghua University, Dr. Ma Guolin got his Ph.D. degree in the USA after his bachelor’s degree in Beijing University), and other elites from fields in electronic products R & D, manufacturing, and marketing and sales management...